Art Director


Akuna Aperitif

Art Direction, Copywriting & Editing

Akuna Aperitif is a creative branding solution to Australia's inadequate recognition of the country's Indigenous heritage. 

OSIRIS Logo Finals-05.png
A New Type Of Funeral Service

Art Direction, Copywriting & Editing

OSIRIS Officiations is a new type of funeral service providing the rich and famous with decadent celebrations of life.

New Retail
Hardware Store Branding

Art Direction, Copywriting & Design

Adifex is the branding solution to a new retail hardware store that 'is owned and staffed by tradies'.  

Cannes Future Lions

Art Direction, Copywriting & Editing

Play is under threat. In order to inspire the builders of tomorrow we were challenged to create a powerful idea that puts creative play back on the agenda and show how kids can realise great things when they're left to play. 

D&AD New Blood

Art Direction, Copywriting & Editing

Durex aims to liberate good sex for everyone. With more than 1 billion disabled people in the world we were challenged to change peoples perceptions around disability and sex.

Durex Everybody-01.png
Fetcha App

Art Direction, Copywriting & Design

A simple, easy and seamless way to offer table service to patrons.

Red Cross Campaign

Art Direction, Copywriting & Design

Powerade teams up with Red Cross Australia to show young males that they have the 'Power' to help save lives.

Share Your Powers YT Side ad.png

Art Direction & Design

Communicating through a Print Advertisement how Sorbent Toilet paper is 'Always Soft and Strong'.

Tyrrell's Print & Digital Exercise

Art Direction & Design

Concept print and digital advertising for Tyrrell's Chips.

Theatre Performance 
Posters & Set Construction

Art Direction, Design & Photography

Posters that have been designed as marketing images for Theatre Performances and images of set construction that I have created.

Quick Briefs

Art Direction, Design & Copywriting

Solutions to briefs for Tostitos and the Victorian Government.

Wicked Problems Studio

Art Direction, Design & Copywriting

A solution to giving parents confidence to talk to their kids about sexuality.


Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

Email: will.mantesso@gmail.com

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