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Retail Hardware Chain Branding

Copywriting, Art Direction & Design

My team were set with the task of producing a name, tagline, website and social media campaign for a new national hardware chain. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for the store is that it is "the only hardware store owned and staffed by tradies".

We came up with "Adifex" after some in depth and smart research. The name comes from a slight variation on the Latin word 'Aedifex' meaning 'the maker'. 


A large focal point of the brand name is the ‘X’, this is a vital aspect that is interrelated with the tagline ‘we make you the Xpert’. The ‘X’ is a key feature that expresses the brands two significant characteristics which differentiates themselves from any other hardware store.


Adifex only employs ‘ex’ tradesmen who's vast experience can be utilised by customers. With the expert knowledge and in store assistance a customer is then able to become their own ‘Xpert’.

Keeping to these themes we created 'Adifacts' that helps people learn more about the store, 'X Membership' which gives customers access to various benefits such as a 'buy and borrow' policy which allows Members to buy the materials and borrow our tools and workspaces. Additionally there is an 'Xpert' chat on the website where you can talk directly to one of the 'Adifex Xperts'.

The social media campaign we created for Adifex spans 3 channels. We decided to use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts to connect with our audience of 'makers'.

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Social Media 


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Adifex website (dragged).png
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