Art Direction, Copywriting, Design & Editing

Akuna Aperitif is a creative branding solution I produced for my Capstone Project at RMIT that responds to Australia's inadequate recognition of the country's Indigenous heritage. 

I embarked on this project in an attempt to create a revolutionary response to the fact that Indigenous Australian culture has been grossly underrepresented in Australia’s cultural offering.


It is an attempt at engraining Indigenous cultural ceremony, art and ingenuity into the mainstream Australian societal fabric.


The beneficiaries of this project are all Australians.


It is vitally important for the Australian people to begin to recognise the rich culture that our Indigenous custodians have been forging for last 60,000 years.

They possess exceptional knowledge of native flora and fauna and of the land and their culture is rich in song, dance and story but this is yet to be recognised by mainstream Australia.