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Red Cross Campaign

Art Direction, Copywriting & Design

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service ‘You have the Power’ campaign is a carefully crafted series of adverts that aim to change perceptions toward blood donation and convince young males to share the life giving power that runs through all of our veins in 'blood plasma'.


Blood plasma is a powerful utility in the medical industry which helps give life and unfortunately the best donors of plasma aren’t donating, this campaign will be serve as a catalyst for action through showing the core target audience of 20 to 29 year old males that they have the power to give life with a quick and simple blood plasma donation.


Taking from Red Cross’s discovery of a “compassion fatigue” in young males we brain stormed what it is that this demographic would relate to that would help bridge the gap between knowing about donating and actually donating. What we found is that there’s a lack of incentive for young males to donate.


So we teamed up with Powerade and came up with a campaign that incentivised donating through showing these young males that they yield a great power to which they could use to give life. 

The campaign aims to communicate through channels that are frequently accessed by our target audience. We re-designed the packaging of the Powerade sports drink which is the sports drink of choice in Australia for that market, placed advertisements at sporting events and on Youtube, used Facebook to reinforce the message and finally made a Snapchat filter to encourage conversation about blood donation.

Powerade Rebrand.png
Powerade Rebrand2.png

POWERADE Packaging Re-Design

Electronic Sports Ground Billboards - Animated

MCG Plasma Ad.png

Multi-use Poster

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Youtube Billboard and MREC 

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Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 10.15.00

Facebook Advertisements - Animated


Snapchat Filter

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