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Tostitos Super Bowl Playoffs

Art Direction, Copywriting & Design


Create a provocative idea to help Tostitos breakthrough leading up to the Superbowl.

IDEA: The Tostitos Super Bowl Playoffs

The ‘Tostitos Super Bowl Playoffs’ is a social media competition where a group of friends complete a set of challenges with Tostitos Chips and Salsa for a chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LV.

How does it work?

The ‘Tostitos Super Bowl Playoffs’ is a social media competition where a group of friends complete a set of challenges with Tostitos Chips and Salsa for a chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LV.

What are the challenges?

Like how a real NFL team competes in great feats of endurance, skill and teamwork, the ‘Tostitos Super Bowl Playoffs’ will challenge competing teams in these categories using Tostitos Chips and Salsa to win.

The goal of the challenges is to get friends together to enjoy each other’s company using Tostitos chips as the impetus of fun times and hilarity.  




Challenge 1 – Hold as many Tostitos chips in your mouth as possible


Challenge 2 – Using ‘Tostitos Chunky Habanero Hot Salsa’ hold the equivalent of 2 table spoons full in your mouth for as long as you can

Challenge 1 – Using a Tostito chip flick it through a makeshift NFL goal posts  


Challenge 2 – With a Tostito chip on the top of your head, get it into your mouth without touching it

Challenge 1 – Take a photo of your team wearing Tostito chip packets in public


Challenge 2 – Build a Tostitos pyramid (Can use melted cheese and salsa as glue/support)

To be in the running for x4 Superbowl LV tickets each team member will need to post each challenge to their Instagram story, tag Tostitos Chips and create a pinned Tostitos Super Bowl Playoff story that contains a compilation of the challenges.

The Campaign


To get people hyped to compete for the x4 tickets to Super Bowl LV, a group of 4 NFL players from opposing teams will compete together to complete the challenges.


Their attempts will be posted throughout social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, MRECs on websites, YouTube ads and on billboards throughout cities.


Tostito chip packets will receive a packaging change to help boost awareness of the competition at the point of sale.

The Tostitos Super Bowl Playoffs is a breakthrough concept that will encourage the target audience of millennials to relish in the company of friends. Tostitos will be at the centre of a cultural movement of friends making the time to get together. It could be adopted by sporting codes across the world and engaged with people who just want to come together and ‘get to the good stuff’ of enjoying fun times with friends.  

Victorian Government
COVID-19 Campaign

Art Direction, Copywriting & Design

The Victorian Government's 'Anatomy of COVID-19' will be a breakthrough way of communicating the real consequences of the COVID-19 virus. The campaign will bring people face to face with the real effects of the virus, helping them make the conscious decision to act in accordance with the advised preventative measures.



COVID-19 is something that you should not get. Create a poster/post which will help stop the spread of the virus.

IDEA: The Anatomy of COVID-19

The Anatomy of COVID-19 is an online campaign to show people the potentially long term and horrible effects the COVID 19 virus can have on people.


It shows that the virus does not discriminate and is a call to arms for people to look out for the safety of themselves and others.


Using a mild amount of shock factor the advertisements communicate to people that COVID 19 is not something you would want yourself or anyone else to deal with.

The Campaign

The advertisements will be seen as infographics on social media through sponsered posts by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Resources.

A large amount of the population can be targeted through Facebook and Instagram targeted marketing. This will allow the interactive. infographics to be viewed and shared by thousands.

In order to gain further awareness with a broader audience a front page feature on a popular magazine or newspaper will be needed.

Media Attention

The unique approach and subject matter of this campaign will provide an important and worthy story for media networks to proote the campaign through articles and on TV news segments.

Poster Submission for 'Death To Stock' subscription

Art Direction, Copywriting & Design

My goal for this quick brief was to create a simple poster with a powerful message. We've all had moments where we feel anxious to be ourselves, whether your trying to impress someone or are intimidated, I wanted this poster to talk to people who've shared these moments and tell them it's ok to be yourself, because being yourself is 'absolutely friggin awesome'.

ITS OK TO.. - WM s364946.png
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