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TYRELL'S Chips Print Adverts

Art Direction, Copywriting & Design

Create an advertising concept and design for Tyrrell's sea salted chips, based on an existing pack and headline that conveys appetite and brand appeal. 

Print Advertisement


• Create an A4 print advertisement using an existing image and headline to convey strong appetite and brand appeal.

• The existing image (2a Tyrrells chip pack contoured.eps) must be used at a minimum of 1/6 the size of the page.

• Use the headline ‘It takes 12 muscles to smile or 3 simple ingredients.’ You can write a different headline if approved by your tutor. The three ingredients are potato, oil and salt.

• Add a small amount of body copy to the ad.


Website Takeover


• Apply your existing Tyrrells chips concept to convey strong appetite and brand appeal to a takeover (using an MREC, leaderboard and skin) of a web page.

• The existing image (Tyrrells chip pack) must be used, along with the Headline used in previous Brief.

• Use a horizontal format for the web page and ads.

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